Physical Activity Monitoring for eHealth Applications

The MOX eHealth activity sensor is medically certified and a precise and reliable device for physical activity monitoring- and coaching applications. MOX wireless activity monitors have been used for more than a decade to monitor and support hundreds of patients on aspects of physical activity.

The sensor can be worn on different places of the body. The compact and unobtrusive tri-axial accelerometer can collect 24/7 data during the user’s daily living activities. The data captured is wirelessly transmitted to a user interface and analysed with accelerometer algorithms that accurately classify physical activity levels and/or posture such as sitting or lying.

Smartphone apps can be connected to collect and visualise the activity data directly to the user or patient. Concurrently, connection to eHealth portals enables care providers to monitor and support their patients in real-time. A set of validated algorithms are available, but proprietary algorithms can also be embedded and validated.

With MOX eHealth sensors, medical professionals can harness the power of medical grade activity monitoring.

The MOX eHealth accelerometer value proposition

The wireless MOX eHealth sensor provides a solid base for realizing medical-grade eHealth applications that harness the power of medical activity monitoring. It can be tailored to your specific needs with custom accelerometer algorithms, firmware or hardware specifications. This device is ideally suited for companies that want to market an OEM or brand-specific product.

247Better Results

Combining E-health with medical-grade wearables provides better patient outcomes.

chartReliable measurements

Reliable measurement results backed by validation studies and extensive user testing.

low_investmentSupport self-management

Provide meaningful feedback to patients to support insight in their behavior and make adaptive changes visible.

247Increase compliance

Wearable monitoring instruments contribute to higher compliance of medical therapies.

chartEasy integration

An efficient manner to create your own application.


MOX2 Bluetooth LE activity monitor

The MOX2 is a Bluetooth Low Energy accelerometer-based activity monitor embedded with our proprietary algorithms. With the low power consumption, the device seamlessly measures and transfers high resolution raw acceleration data and multiple activity parameters every second for 7 days, and up to 60 days (available soon).

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BACE enables data collection from our MOX sensors in an accurate, safe and easy manner. With this solution you can collect, store, process and display your data. BACE is developed with our IOT partner Evalan.

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Hospital Fit

Hospital Fit is a digital health tool designed to support hospitalized patients and their physical therapists on their way to an active recovery

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Miss Activity

MISS Activity is the e-health tool which motivates elderly to be more active by enabling them to set goals and providing them insight in their activity

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