MOX Accelerometry Solutions

The amount and pattern of daily physical activity of a person is of increasing interest to healthcare researchers and professionals worldwide. The wearable sensors of Maastricht Instruments can measure a persons’ physical activity and posture with clinical grade accuracy.

Clinical Research

Comfortable wearable sensor for patients with high compliance. Collected data immediately suitable for statistical analysis. Speed-up study timelines by collecting data 24/7 without data interruptions.

E-health applications

Combine e-Health applications with medical-grade wearables to provide better patient outcomes. Reliable measurement results backed by validation studies and extensive user testing. Provide meaningful feedback to patients. Higher compliance of medical therapies.

Accelerometry algorithms

Custom physical activity monitoring algorithms based on 3D accelerometer signals. Algorithms can be customized and finetuned for specific projects and devices.

Data processing & analyses

An extensive set of output parameters can be generated from raw accelerometer, ECG, glucose, blood pressure and other physiological parameters. Consult our team to discuss the study objectives and required dataset.

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