L.DOT Study Management software

Managing the workflow and privacy compliancy for medical research studies is challenging. The duration of the study, staff involved and strict privacy / security regulations are an administrative challenge. With L.DOT Study Workflow software this burden will be greatly minimized.

  • Use L.DOT to make your study privacy compliant and separate the personal and logistics data from study data. Reduce the risk of data leaks for participant data.
  • Maintain full control over execution of the research plan, independent of the experience and skills of staff involved in the study.
  • L.DOT can be used in studies of any size, also for multi-centre trials, independent of the type of electronic data capture systems used in the study.
  • L.DOT is trusted in dozens of studies for more than a decade, and is now available for research teams worldwide.

Key features

Save time and money in executing your study

Safeguard all personal data required to contact participants

Secure access for multi-centre collaborations

Register the logistic trail of your obtained research data


Keep track of required actions for each participant

Ensure standardized execution of the research protocol

You can find more information on L.DOT’s dedicated website

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