Bace GO is a battery-powered wearable that provides real-time insight into people’s health with the push of a button, anywhere, in a safe, secure and reliable way. It collects data from sensors & devices and transmits it to the cloud via 4G (LTE M) or 2G. The data is then made available to visualise on dashboards via an API. The device also supports connections to 3rd party sensors via Bluetooth, to transfer data to the cloud. BACE GO is developed with our IOT partner Evalan.

Key features

Automatic data upload anytime, anywhere

High volume
data acquisition

No other equipment or apps required

Easy connection to 3rd party sensors

Measurement parameters

• IMU data (accelerometer, gyroscope, step count)
• Physical activity intensity
• 3rd party sensor measurements

Available sensor portfolio1*
Heart rate
Respiratory rate
Oxygen saturation
Smart Scale
MOX2 accelerometer

*Evalan is continuously expanding the portfolio of 3rd party sensors

Embedded sensors and output parameters
Geolocation (GPS)
Raw accelerometer data 200 Hz
Raw gyroscope data 200 Hz
Step count
Physical activity intensity
Output parameters through connected sensors
Heart rate
Respiratory rate
Oxygen saturation
Body Weight
Sedentary behaviour (sitting / lying)
Standing posture
Dynamic physical activity
Sedentary bouts
Postural transitions
Additional sensors can be connected on request.

Product specifications

Dimensions – 60 x 50 x 19 mm
Weight – 57 grams Dust & Splashproof IP54
Wear Location – Wrist, Waist, Ankle, Thigh
Durability – 5 years

Sensitivity 0.061 mg/LSB
Sample Rate 208Hz
Dynamic Range ±2G/±4/±8/±16 G

Sample rate 208Hz
Dynamic Range ±250/±500/±1000/±2000 DPS

Battery lifetime
Battery Life 10 hours
Rechargeable battery Lithium-Ion 1500mAh


How it works

Wear & connect
Wear the Bace GO device at a suitable location to start recording data or pair it with an external sensor.

Data transfer
The recorded data gets transmitted automatically to the cloud in real-time.

Data processing and visualization
The data on the cloud can be visualized in a portal or sent over to a platform via an API. It is also possible to process this data in the cloud before visualization.

Data analysis
Download historical data for analysis and further processing

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