MOX5 Accelerometer + gyroscope (6DOF) data logger

The MOX5 is a validated accelerometer + gyroscope data logger. It seamlessly measures and records high resolution raw acceleration and gyroscope data up to 36 hours. Data is stored in EDF format and can be exported for further analyses in multiple compatible programs. It presents a valuable tool to gain insights into the activity and movement of body and limbs.

Key features

High resolution data

Synchronized measurement

Continuous monitoring

Multiple research applications

Measurement parameters

Raw accelerometer data 200 Hz
Raw gyroscope data 200 Hz

Product specifications

Dimensions 38x35x13 mm
Light weight
Dust & Waterproof IPX8
Body worn sensor
Durability 2 years

Sensitivity 4 mg/LSB
Sample Rate 200 Hertz
Dynamic Range + / – 8G

Sample rate 400 Hertz

Battery Life 36 hours
Rechargeable battery Lithium Ion 150 mAh

Internal Data Storage 8 GB (SD card) for 14 days data

How it works


Unplug the device from the power charger when it is fully charged. The device will now start recording and can record up to 36 hours.

Wear & Connect

Attach the device to the body with our biocompatible adhesives

Data processing

Download the data stored in the device’s internal storage. Signal visualization and analysis can be done with compatible software or tools such as EDFbrowser.

Export and analyse data

Data can be processed by different data analysis packages, or contact Maastricht Instruments to perform data analysis and generate customised output parameters for your study.

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