Bluetooth LE activity monitor

The MOX2 is a Bluetooth Low Energy accelerometer-based activity monitor embedded with our proprietary algorithms. With the low power consumption, the device seamlessly measures and transfers high resolution raw acceleration data and multiple activity parameters every second for 7 days, and up to 60 days (available soon).


Easy patient monitoring

Patient-doctor data sharing

Wireless Bluetooth® Smart

Continuous monitoring

Real-time data streaming

Powerful GCP / GDPR compliant database


Physical activity classification

Low intensity
Medium intensity
High intensity

Physical activity intensity (counts per minute)

Posture detection

Sedentary (Lying/ Sitting)
Weight bearing


Dimensions 35 x 35 x 10 mm
Ultra light weight 11 grams
Dust & Waterproof IPX8
Wear Location Thigh, hip, sacrum, arm
Durability 2 years

Sensitivity 4mg/LSB
Sample Rate 25-100 Hertz
Dynamic Range +/- 8G

Battery Life 7 days / 60 days (coming soon)
Rechargeable Battery Lithium Ion125 mAh

Wireless communication Bluetooth LE

CE Certified

Assign, Connect, Record

Create a new study and assign participant codes

Create a new study in a GCP / GDPR compliant database and assign unique participant codes. Link to downloadable app can be sent to participants via
customizable e-mail or SMS message.

Download app and deploy sensors

Our downloadable app offers convenient participant self-monitoring. Connect each sensor to the companion app with the participant code. Sensors can
be used by a single participant or transferable to multiple participants identifiable by participant codes.

Seamless data collection

Data is seamlessly collected and securely stored in the online database. Wear it while sleeping, showering or swimming without worries. Recharge the sensors and connect to a smartphone once per week.

Export data

Multiple activity parameters can be exported for further analysis in statistical programs or software. The database offers flexibility in data storage that
facilitates integration of other study information such as questionnaires.