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The most accurate measurement of metabolism for ground breaking research


For use in wide variety of research applications”

Maastricht Instruments room calorimeter solution is the most versatile system on the market. The analysis system, combined with the state of the art climate control enables users to perform a broad range of studies: metabolism in relation to temperature, lifestyle, exercise, light etc. Worldwide over more than hundred studies in various research areas already have been performed with the room calorimeters of Maastricht Instruments

sla“We guarantee the highest total system accuracy and precision available on the market today”

Maastricht Instruments guarantees the accuracy of the total room calorimeter system, not just the accuracy of the measurement cell. This is validated after construction and can be validated by the user at any desired time!  The technology of the room calorimeters offered by Maastricht Instruments is state-of-the-art using highest class precision measurement instruments achieving the highest accuracy possible.

turnkey“Complete and research ready total solution”

The room calorimeter is supplied as a complete system: rooms, climate control, analysis system and software, tailored to the specific research requirements, building space and technical provisions of each customer. So each system is customized to meet those specific requirements and will be delivered by Maastricht Instruments as a turnkey, research-ready system, including training of staff and excellent after sales support, ensuring a smooth start of research.

35“Based on 35 years of expertise in research of the department of Human Biology part of the international research institute NUTRIM”

Through its partnership with one of the world’s leading research groups in human energy metabolism and energy balance, Maastricht Instruments has a solid background of research application knowledge. This strategic partnership will also enable the company to continuously improve the technology and expand its services to customers.