The MOX accelerometry ecosystem

The MOX accelerometry ecosystem

The MOX accelerometry ecosystem consists of services, products and tools to support your research from study planning to data processing and reporting. It all starts with your research objectives; which parameters are requested, which questions need to be answered and how can you organize the data collection? From these goals, we select a range of sensors and data processing tools to gather data to answer the research question.

Our wearable sensors for activity monitoring are designed to capture 24/7 physiology data and offer subject comfort and a waterproof design. Our latest innovation is the wireless BACE sensor data collection unit. This plug-and-play system automatically retrieves data from the wearable sensor, sends that data to the Cloud and the collected data is displayed in real time on your portal. BACE is developed with our IOT partner Evalan.

For data processing and analysis we offer software featuring algorithms that classify and quantify objective measurements of human physical activity. Custom analyses and study data processing is also possible to speed up the process of data analysis and reporting.

We also offer study logistics software to help you monitor the study logistics and guard the progress of your research project. Hospital Fit & Miss Activity are complete e-health applications designed to support the physical activity of end-users.

Lastly, we offer support to process data from different wearable sensors such as blood pressure and continuous blood glucose. Consult our team to discuss the study objectives and the required dataset.

  • 24/7 physical activity and posture data
  • High comfort
  • Medical grade activity monitors
  • Customizable for your study objectives
  • Tools & support from our experts