Hospital Fit is a digital health tool designed to support hospitalized patients and their physical therapists on their way to an active recovery

The patients’ condition can worsen during hospitalization. When patients are hospitalized the brain function, muscle strenght and stamina decreases in 80% of all cases. Hospital Fit aims to prevent this decrease as much as possible and give the patient advice on staying as fit as possible during his/her admission.
By stimulating the patient’s activities, they can optimize of their own recovery process.

The tracking of patient’s activities provides useful insights for patients as well as healthcare professionals. With a user-friendly dashboard, patients get access to monitor daily activity and improve recovery.

Patients are being incentivized to boost their physical activity during the day. Together with the professional healthcare providers they can determine which exercises will suit them and provide a personalized training schedule for the patient.

UMCRadboud on the importance of physical activity during hospitalization (dutch)

Our proposition

Incentify patients

Provide self-management support
for your patient and incentive for sufficient
daily activity in the hospital.

Monitor progress

Get access to a personal recovery
toolbox where each patient can
monitor their progress.


You can create a personalized training
schedule for the patient. The plan is
available at any moment.

24/7 guidance

Most hours of the day you are not at
your patients side. Guide your patient
24hr/day with hospital fit.

Activity monitoring

the activity monitor measures the
patients’ daily activity. Sufficient
activity improves recovery.

Earlier discharge

view your progress and achieve targets
together to make earlier discharge

Optimize recovery

Work together with the patient towards optimal recovery and also help your next patient with hospital fit.

Improve interaction

The therapist modus in the app allows you to work together with your patient on the same interface. Switch easily between patients during your daily visits.

Leave the Hospital Fit

The activity monitor measures activity levels with 99,8% accuracy. Use it 24 hours per day: no need for removing the device during sleeping or showering.
Work together with the patient towards optimal recovery and also help your next patient with hospital fit.

Inside the app


Your activities and exercise will be made visible in the movement
overview. Detailled daily overviews and a week summary are provided.


a set of video exercises, specifically aimed at functional recovery, can be
selected for the patient. Provide notes if needed. 25 video’s included.


The amount of functional recovery can be scored and communicated to the patient. The patient can see progress achieved.


Patients can see their own data, the therapist can switch between patients during daily visits.

New features Hospital Fit 2.0

✓ Objective insight into exercise behavior for patients and therapists 

✓ Multidisciplinary stimulation of physical activity 

✓ Tailor-made exercise program 

✓ Ability to set goals 

✓ Database with exercise videos for functional movement, muscle strength and stamina

✓ Provide insight into the degree of independence.

✓ Provide information about the importance of exercise

✓ Reminder function (4x per day)

✓ Export data to online database 

✓ Anonymized data available for research purposes

✓ Link with the patient’s EPD 

MOX activity monitor

Why use medical graded accelerometers?

The MOX wireless accelerometry sensor is a medical grade, wearable accelerometer that has been validated for the measurement of various
levels of activity in healthy persons, elderly and patients with a chronic condition.

  • Providing insight into exercise behavior 
  • Real-time feedback 
  • Validated on hospital patients. 


Our pilot study: Smartphone App with an Accelerometer Enhances Patients’ Physical Activity Following Elective Orthopedic Surgery

Download the study