The Dutch companies Maastricht Instruments, a spin-off of Maastricht University, and Healthy Chronos, a health-tech start-up are joining forces to provide physiotherapists with a single eHealth platform to enable data-driven treatments. By integrating Maastricht Instruments’ activity monitor with the Healthy Chronos patient monitoring platform, physiotherapists can validly measure activities and implement the latest wearable technology within their treatments via a single platform.

Recent developments in physiotherapy, such as prescribing the number of steps with activity meters within the most recent COPD guideline of the KNGF (Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy), lead to a growing need among physiotherapists to determine activities objectively and validly with activity meters. In addition, more and more Dutch people are wearing smartwatches and fitness trackers that collect valuable activity and exercise data. When this data is viewed remotely by the physical therapist, it provides relevant insights into a patient’s recovery, coping with the burden of disease and lifestyle at home. Wearable technology will play an increasingly important role in healthcare and will enable remote support. Moreover, this technology allows the patient to take more control over the treatment or recovery process in daily life.

In the collaboration, MISS Activity from Maastricht Instruments will be integrated with the HealthyChronos platform. The MISS Activity is an activity monitor and app specially developed to objectively and validly measure steps and active minutes in the elderly and people with a chronic disease. The solution is easy to use and complies with privacy and GDPR regulations.

Healthy Chronos is a remote patient monitoring platform that supports more than 500 wearables and gives physiotherapists exponentially more insight into lifestyle and recovery at home. With this product combination, physiotherapists can easily and effectively gain insight into the valuable data that is collected with wearables. Dutch physiotherapists can thus take an important step towards digital and data-driven physiotherapy.

About Healthy Chronos & Maastricht Instruments

Healthy Chronos has developed a wearable independent remote patient monitoring platform that supports more than 500+ wearables, giving healthcare providers exponentially more insight into lifestyle, recovery, and dealing with the burden of disease at home. Hospitals, physio, and occupational therapy practices use Healthy Chronos to monitor patients via wearables at home. Healthy Chronos is conducting research with Radboudumc and HAN (Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen) into the use of wearable technology in primary care.


Maastricht Instruments has developed the MISS Activity in collaboration with Zuyd Hogeschool, Lectoraat Autonomie en Participatie van Chronisch Zieken and Maastricht University within the Limburg Meet (LIME) project in collaboration with physiotherapy practices because consumer activity meters in the elderly and people with a low level of activity are not valid and are difficult to handle. The MISS Activity has been developed and scientifically validated in co-creation with end-users and healthcare professionals.